How to Register / Buy a Domain Name in Nigeria

How to Register / Buy a Domain Name in Nigeria

In other to own a website or make use of email, it is best for the website or email address to reflect one’s personal or business name. Depending on the purpose of the online presence, a domain name is most ideal.

While it is possible to register and use an email ending with,, etc, it is much better especially for business-use to register a domain name and use it for email., for instance, is more professional where the company name is Example Ltd.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is simply a registered namespace on the World Wide Web. The Web is the part of the Internet one is familiar with for everyday use. is an example of a domain name. In this case, it is registered under .ng – which is the country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the country Nigeria.

A domain name can be used as a website address. Example: is the address to this website. It can also be used as part of an email address. Example: is the domain in the email address sales @ web4africa .com

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How to Purchase / Register a Domain Name in Nigeria

To register a domain name, one needs to approach a domain service provider. This could be an Accredited Domain Registrar or one of their resellers. NiRA, the domain registry that manages .ng, accredits registrars who in turn handle the business of selling and managing domains. Web4Africa is an ICANN & NiRA Accredited Domain Name Registrar offering registrations to dozens of thousands globally.

The first process with Registration would typically be to make use of the Domain Search Tool also known as Domain Checker or Domain Lookup Tool on the Domain Provider’s website.

Domain Name Checker

Domain Name Checker Tool

One needs to enter the preferred name. The Tool would then respond with a result showing the availability or otherwise of the domain name. Where the name is available for Registration, the annual pricing would be displayed as well. Where the requested name is unavailable, a domain provider would typically offer multiple close alternatives.

How much is a Domain Name?

The cost of a domain name would vary from one Provider to the other and also depend on the domain name extension. Extensions like or are typically cheaper than .com or .org

Some factors can also influence the full price of a domain. e.g. value-added services like Domain Forwarding, DNS Management, WHOIS Privacy could add to the total cost slightly.

Web4Africa offers some of the cheapest domain name services in Nigeria and where the domain is already registered, offers inward domain transfers at even cheaper prices.

How to make use of a Domain Name

A domain would typically not work on its own. It is only an address after all. A hosting account needs to exist in the case where a website needs to be published and email utilized.

A web hosting account typically comes with email service and so the domain effectively serves as the address to the website and also part of the email address.

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