How to Register / Buy a Domain Name in Nigeria

Domain Name Checker

In other to own a website or make use of email, it is best for the website or email address to reflect one’s personal or business name. Depending on the purpose of the online presence, a domain name is most ideal. While it is possible to register and use an email ending with,, etc, it is much … Read More

Which Type of Domain is Better: .COM or .NG?

Website owners in Nigeria like those in every other country are faced with the choice of their country’s top-level domain (ccTLD) system or the ubiquitous .com domain extension. In the case of Nigeria, the choice is mainly between .ng along with its 3rd level options like,,, AND .com – and to some extent other generic Top-Level … Read More

The 4 Best Web Hosts For Nigeria Websites (rebuttal)

A blogger recently wrote an article “The 4 Best Web Hosts For Nigeria Websites (& 4 To Avoid)” detailing how hosts making use of servers based in the USA are better for residents of Nigeria. His test was based mainly on latency of the web hosts website. The site speed testing service has no single server on the African continent. … Read More

Best Web Hosting in Nigeria

The Best Web Hosting in Nigeria is offered by Web4Africa. You would wonder the confidence behind what some would call a rather corky claim. Our reasons are outlined and explained below. Web4Africa offers a multi-homed autonomous IP network with our presence in Nigeria being one of our pan-African POPs. Our high-spec’d network equipment and extensive internet peering mean we can … Read More