Online Jobs in Nigeria

Top Online Jobs in Nigeria

With rising unemployment and a widening gap between the lower class and upper class, Nigerians have sorted for other means to make a living amidst a tough economy.

A 2018 report by Brookings Institution reveals that Nigeria is now the poverty capital of the world and has overtaken India. Nigeria, with a population close to 200 million people has over 87 million people living in abject poverty. This situation has created stiff competition in the market place and most companies now recruit less labour force.

Despite these statistics, most Nigerians now look up for various opportunities elsewhere – the Internet, now a Safe Haven for most. Since the arrival of the Internet, Nigerians have engaged in various off-line activities for their source of living on a part-time or full-time basis.

This research article has gone deep to reveal some of the most popular Jobs Nigerians have started developing interest. However, most of these online jobs might not be regarded as ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’ yet they are still preferred to nothing.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading in Nigeria

Forex Trading in Nigeria

FOReign EXchange (FOREX) trading is a popular type of investment in Nigeria that comes with a great risk for novice and unguided investors.

These involve taking advantage of a rising or falling currency value. To take advantage of these currency value fluctuations, certain skills are needed. Most of the currencies that come to play in Forex are the US Dollars, the European Euros, and the British Pounds. Most times, new users register in Brokers all over the Internet. Some new investors are welcome with a deposit bonus; some are provided with a demo account to begin trading and be acquitted with how Forex works.

In spite of the risk involved with Forex trading, statistics have proven that Forex is capable of making you rich over a short time – if you play your cards well. It is necessary that new investors read manuals, guides and get professional help from experts to avoid heavy losses that comes with Forex.

Crypto-Currency Trading

Since the advent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Nigeria, the Government and the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) have warned Nigerians about the dangers of investing in this new form of digital currency. Most people see this new form of digital money as a scam while a few see it as a gold mine and an opportunity to be capitalized. Over the last few years, the value of Bitcoin and other Altcoins has grown and that has caught the attention of most prospective investors in Nigeria.

Crypto-currency trading

Crypto-currency trading

This new form of digital currency has advantages over the traditional Fiat (paper money) currency. It is decentralized and not under the control and influence of the government and banks. It can be used for making payment for goods and services. It is more secured as the chance of theft is low due to the fact that no physical cash is involved. Although, there had been some reported cases of hacks in some popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Most Nigerians now take advantage of the rising and fallen value of Bitcoin and Altcoins (Alternative Coins) to trade in various cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Remitano, and Luno. Trading in most of the exchange platforms needs important skills as the risk of losing your investment is high. For experienced traders, profits are usually guaranteed at some time. Traders in Nigeria make an initial deposit in the Exchange platform from their Bank account and it can be withdrawn through the same means.

Cryptocurrency has been a blessing to some Nigerians and also regret to most including the Government and Banks. Yet, this does not stop the fact that Cryptocurrency trading is now accepted as a legal means of making a profit on the internet.

Football Betting

Over the past few years, there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of Nigerians that have resulted in betting on football outcomes. This category of betting in football is popular among the youth. However, studies have shown that women and the elderly ones in society have started embracing the culture of betting.

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Like most people would always say: “Soccer unites Nigerians” – That is true. If you go to most betting shops, a lot of people are involved in various category of betting like Dog Races, Horse Races, Virtual Football, Live Betting, Pokers and others. Truth is, a little percentage of those betting actually make a good win. This means of investment for most Nigerians is risky. There are cases where some youth use their daily feeding money to bet on football or live matches. Some popular betting sites include,,,, and the host of others.

Football betting does come with its own risk, but there are still opportunities for a good win which does not come so often for bettors.

WhatsApp TeleMarketing



Whatsapp Telemarketing is a new form of online business in Nigeria. Through this form of business, you can connect to customers in any part of the world. However, for this to be possible, the customer has to be in countries which supports Whatsapp.

The old traditional way of printing flyers, moving house-to-house, street-to-street to distribute flyers and handbills to customers with the hope that they provide you with feedbacks, is gradually fading. With Whatsapp Telemarketing, you can now make this faster and better. There might be times when customers will drop these flyers on the floor after reading the content. Most don’t have the intention to read it even after collecting the flyers.

With Whatsapp telemarketing, all you need is a Whatsapp-enabled Smartphone and an Internet connection. You can connect with your potential customers and showcase your products and even provide faster after-sales services. It provides an instant feedback mechanism, hence making you to be closer with your customers.

Whatsapp Telemarketing helps reduce the cost that is involved with the traditional way of using flyers and handbills, thereby increasing your Revenue over Cost.

Drop Shipping

This business model is popular among Nigerians. To get involved, you have to understand what Drop Shipping is all about.

Drop Shipping in Nigeria

Drop Shipping in Nigeria

First, you must have an online store where you display various products. Now, when a customer visits your online store, places order for a product and makes a payment, you acknowledge the payment. After receiving payment, you order the product from your supplier, for instance, most Nigerians use Thereafter, AliExpress will deliver the product to the customer and you make your profit.

With Drop Shipping, you won’t have to deal with the physical handling of the products, rather, your supplier will be involved much in that. So it’s important that you choose a good supplier that is efficient and reliable. There are a host of other reliable suppliers such as,,,,, and

It is necessary that you consider starting with a good minimum budget of about $300. Also, having a stress-free payment system integrated into your store is an advantage. This will provide an easy way for customers to pay for their product. As a Drop Shipper, you will need a Payoneer Account with a Nigerian MasterCard to enable you to withdraw your earnings to supported Nigerian Banks.

To make your presence more genuine, you will need a valid means of identification like an International Passport or National ID Card.

However, PayPal is not recommended for receiving earnings because Nigeria is not supported by countries that can receive payment.

Active involvement in social media platform like Facebook is necessary to showcase your products and running Ads campaigns. The Niche you involve determines your sales volume. So it’s important you showcase popular products that are high in demand.

Mini Importation

Nigeria is not a productive economy, but a consumer economy. We depend on items that are brought into the country from another country – China, for instance.

Before we dive into the business of Mini-Importation, let’s have a good understanding of Importation.

Importation involves moving goods and services from other countries into another country – say Nigeria. Mini-Importation is a new business model most Nigerians have been able to capitalize to make huge profits.

For instance, if you buy a Samsung Smartphone from AliExpress or Amazon for N30000, you could resell it for N90000 in Nigeria – that’s about 3 times its value. However, the cost of importation and tax duties has to be considered. At the end of this all, you still come up with a great profit.

To get started, you need a good plan and strategy. Some requirements for this business model include a good laptop or Smartphone, stable internet connection, a valid home or office address and good capital. It is important you import your products from suppliers with a good reputation like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and others.

Affiliate Marketing

This is an easy way to earn a decent living online. Unlike Mini Importation and Drop Shipping, you don’t have to deal with a physical product or any form of selling. It is a popular means for bloggers and website owners to make money online.

In this business model, you get rewarded for introducing other clients and customers to other businesses – more like a referral program. These earnings are in the form of commissions. Companies and Individuals pay you for promoting their brand or products.

How does this work?

When you join an affiliate program, you are provided with the content to promote. These contents might include links, banners, videos, and other forms of digital content that need to be promoted in your website or blog. Depending on the terms of agreement over a period of time and performances in the form of traffic, you get rewarded.

Some popular affiliate programs in Nigeria include Jumia Affiliate Program, Amazon Affiliate Program and AliExpress Affiliate Program.

If you are patient enough, you will make a good source of living with Affiliate programs.




The last but not the least of some popular online jobs in Nigeria is Freelancing. But, let’s understand what Freelancing is about.

Freelancing is the process of providing services to various customers. It could be online or offline. But the more popular means is over the internet. A self-employed skilled worker provides these services. But these services come with a fee.

In Nigeria, there are a growing number of freelancers with the needed skills to make a decent living online. These popular skills include Graphic Designing, Online Tutoring, Web designing/Web Development, Writing, Real Estate Consultancy, Voice Over, Transcription, Language Translation, Blogging, Email Marketing, Virtual Assistant, SEO, Freelance Writers and others.

Freelancers who have some of these skills are now able to utilize them in popular Freelance platforms like,,,, and others.

These freelance platforms provide an avenue for freelancers in Nigeria to deliver skilled and technical services and get paid in US dollars. Most freelancers in Nigeria do experience difficulties in receiving earnings in platforms that make use of PayPal – a big challenge indeed. However, most of them have resulted in using Payoneer for receiving their earnings – as they are friendlier to Nigerians.


The growing popularity of online jobs in Nigeria are due to some factors such as worsening economy, unemployment, epileptic electricity supply needed by manufacturers and others. With workers been laid off and uncertainty in the workplace, most Nigerians now resolve to make a living online or just make some extra cash.

Despite this worrisome image dented on us by these unscrupulous elements, millions of Nigerians have shown to be industrious when it comes to making a living online. It is possible to earn money online long term by working from home or anywhere else.

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