How to Create an Email Account from Nigeria

How to Create an Email Account from Nigeria

You cannot avoid communicating using email if you want to hit the heights of success in 2019. Email has become the default means of communications for business, academics, travel, governance and other primary activities in Nigeria.

Benefits / Advantages of Email

Email Account in Nigeria

Email is one of the primary means of communications in the modern world.

It is fast: delivery is virtually instantaneous. Where a message does not include a heavy attachment or the internet speed for the sender or receiver is not super-slow, email delivery is usually almost instant. A regular letter delivery could take days, weeks or even months in Nigeria. It is not uncommon in some other countries. This depends on the quality of the letter delivery service in each country.

Spelling and Grammar checks: email is digital. Most platforms you would type your messages on do include a form of auto-correct, spell-check or even Grammar check. You can be more professional by making the best use of these tools.

Another advantage is the convenience of being able to share the same message with multiple recipients simultaneously.

How to Open / Create a Free Email Account

Free Email Accounts are available from various free providers. I have listed a few of them below:

  • formerly known as Hotmail, this service is operated by Microsoft Inc – the leading American software giant.
  • Gmail: the service engine giant, Google, also offers a free email service. Opening a Gmail account gives you access to a Google Account that can be used for other services offered by Google.
  • Yahoo! Mail: Yahoo! is one of the oldest and most popular free email service providers.

Every Web Hosting plan offered by Web4Africa is also bundled with email services.

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How to Login to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Live Mail

You can either log in to the various providers’ websites to access your email or you can configure the email client on your device. Indeed, whether you carry a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or make use of a desktop computer, you can configure any of them to automatically download your messages.

If you are making use of a premium email provider like Web4Africa, the exact process for managing your email would have been shared with you after payment.

How to Use Your Own Domain Name with your Email

You can boost your email profile by using your own name or company name, as the handle to your free email address. In other words, instead of an email address that ends with, or, consider an address that ends with @yourdomain

If you must use Gmail or Yahoo Mail, you can buy your domain name from Web4Africa and then map it to your email service provider.

How to Create Email Accounts for Your Business

It is very important to portray a professional image of your business because this impresses the prospective clients that you are serious-minded. It reassures them that they can take your business seriously. A free email account is not ideal for your business. The free email service provider could include ads in the messages and could be scanning your messages to generate contextual ads.

You need to pay for email services if you are in a sensitive industry that mandates that your clients’ records be managed carefully. More so, some industry regulations mandate that your email is hosted in your own country.

Where this is this case, you can buy Web Hosting in Nigeria from Web4Africa. Web4Africa offers the option of choosing Nigeria as the location of your email services. Other available locations include Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Europe.

To create email accounts for your business or organization, simply visit our Web Hosting page to order for the plan that fits your needs.


What is the best email account?

Where the email is intended for business, the best account is one branded with your own domain name.

How do I create a new email account?

Simply sign-up for a web hosting account with Web4Africa. The service comes with email accounts by default.

What’s the difference between Hotmail and Gmail?

Hotmail (now known as Live Mail) is owned by Microsoft while Gmail is owned by Google. In terms of functionality, there isn’t much difference between the two services.

Can I use Gmail with Outlook?

Yes. Outlook email software can be configured to work with most providers including Web4Africa and Gmail.

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