VPS Hosting in Nigeria

Web4Africa is a VPS Hosting service provider offering affordable Virtual Server Hosting from datacentres in locations including Nigeria.

Our Virtual Private Server Hosting plans

Managed VPS
from ₦12,250/month

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Managed VPS Hosting, Powered by cPanel software.

Advanced VPS
from ₦7,000/month

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Basic VPS
from ₦5,250/month

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We offer Basic VPS plans and Managed VPS plans both on Linux platforms powered by OpenVZ

Our Basic VPS Plans are powered by OpenVZ

We offer OpenVZ virtualization option for fast and affordable VPS plans. There is a choice of CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian operating systems. This is available in our Nigeria and South Africa datacentres.

We offer a Managed cPanel VPS Hosting option. It is bundled with cPanel control panel and full Server Management leaving you to focus on your web site / apps while we do the server admin.

Our Advanced VPS Plans support Windows Server operating systems

Our Advanced VPS Plans are powered by KVM

KVM Virtualization is considered as real virtualization. The technology offers stronger control over the virtual server's kernel to the end users. We offer Windows Server 2012, CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian operation systems. Our KVM VPS plans are available at our Nigeria, South Africa or Ghana datacentres.

Windows VPS Hosting is available on our Advanced VPS plans. Windows VPS allow remote applications like forex trading.

  • Reliable Hardware

    We invest in the most reliable enterprise-grade hardware. We make use of SSD for the hypervisor operating system and RAID10 SATA for the virtual servers.

  • Fast Network

    We maintain a fast IP network in Nigeria with direct connectivity to most networks, thus delivering content to end users at a very low latency.

VPS Hosting FAQs

What is VPS Hosting?
Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting essentially splits a dedicated server into smaller virtual servers. The amount of resources offered and flexibility would depend on the technology deployed.

What is the difference between OpenVZ and KVM?
For OpenVZ, the kernel on the hypervisor server is shared among the virtual servers while the VPS on a KVM hypervisor maintain their own kernels. Thus, OpenVZ tends to be cheaper while KVM offers more security and often-times more reliability. KVM machines also support Windows OS machines while OpenVZ cannot.