Bitcoin in Nigeria: how to use it in Nigeria

Bitcoin in Nigeria

Bitcoin is the most popular decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency. It is one of the hundreds of available digital assets and has gained wild popularity in Nigeria. It is used for a range of purposes including online payment and hedging. Introduction to Bitcoin Backed by the Blockchain technology, Bitcoin was developed in 2008 by an anonymous person or group of … Read More

Online Jobs in Nigeria

Top Online Jobs in Nigeria

With rising unemployment and a widening gap between the lower class and upper class, Nigerians have sorted for other means to make a living amidst a tough economy. A 2018 report by Brookings Institution reveals that Nigeria is now the poverty capital of the world and has overtaken India. Nigeria, with a population close to 200 million people has over … Read More

Forex Trading in Nigeria

Forex Trading is one of the potential ways of making money in Nigeria.

We would be discussing Forex Trading in Nigeria relative to the risk and potential gains. WARNING: Forex Trading is highly speculative in nature. Do not trade what you can not afford to lose. The opinion shared in this piece is informational only and not to be considered formal investment advice. What is Forex Trading? Forex (retail foreign exchange market) Trading … Read More

Make Money from Servers, Hosting, SSL, Domains

Make Money from Web Hosting through Web4Africa Affiliate programme

It is possible to make money online from Nigeria legitimately. One of the means of making money online is signing up for an affiliate programme. About Affiliate Marketing An affiliate programme is where an affiliate refers business leads to a company offering products or services. The company then shares part of the revenue with the affiliate, where the referral had … Read More