PayPal Nigeria: Opening & Operating a PayPal Account

PayPal Nigeria

Established in 1998 as Confinity, PayPal is the leading global payment system and is now available to residents of Nigeria. It is available in over 200 countries and territories around the world in 23 currencies.

What is PayPal?

PayPal NigeriaPayPal is the online wallet service of an American financial institution registered in the United States and several countries. The company is also registered in other countries including Canada, Luxemburg, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

It serves a global marketplace and is by far the biggest internet wallet service.

The service opened-up to dozens of countries in the year 2014. It became officially available to residents of Nigeria since July 2014. Before then, only Nigerians residents in countries supported could open and operate an account.

How can I open a PayPal account in Nigeria?

Opening an account from Nigeria is simple and straight-forward. You simply need to visit their official website.

Requirements for Opening an Account in Nigeria

  • You need a valid email address. This is the primary requirement. PayPal would attempt to validate the email address by sending a message. You would need to confirm the existence of the email address by following the steps in the message they send.
  • You would also need a Visa or Mastercard linked to a Nigerian bank account. This could be a credit or debit card. This is necessary for verifying your PayPal account. The service would debit a tiny amount from the card and once you confirm the transaction, the account would be fully Verified.
  • As of December 2018, Interswitch’s Verve card does not work with the service.

Can I receive funds through PayPal in Nigeria?

Yes and No.

Currently, personal accounts do not support receiving money in Nigeria. You can only open Personal Accounts and send money online from same. You can also make payment to millions of merchants around the world that accept payment via Paypal.

Every payment you make would be charged from the Debit or Credit Card you have linked to the account.

All transactions are currently denominated in United States Dollars (USD). Naira, the official currency of Nigeria, is currently not supported.

PayPal Business Accounts are now available in Nigeria. Merchants can receive funds and withdraw.

PayPal Business Accounts are now available in Nigeria. Merchants can receive funds and withdraw.

As of December 2018, Business Accounts are now available to e-commerce merchants in Nigeria. However, you can only receive money through a website cart, not directly from another user.

PayPal is now available in Nigeria. Business Accounts can receive payments through their websites. Click To Tweet

How can I receive PayPal funds in Nigeria?

Nigerian PayPal Business accounts cannot receive funds directly unless they are configured into an online shopping cart

Nigerian PayPal Business accounts cannot receive funds directly unless they are configured into an online shopping cart

Your need to receive money presumes you have goods or services to sell to the public. Having a website is necessary for doing serious business online. You need a website to be able to receive money through PayPal in Nigeria. The error in the screenshot above would be displayed if you attempt to send funds directly to a Nigerian PayPal Business account directly.

Dozens of online shopping carts support PayPal

Dozens of online shopping carts support PayPal

One option is to buy Web Hosting from Web4Africa. From the hosting control panel, you can install any of the available e-commerce shopping carts. They include AbanteCart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, CubeCart, osCommerce, Open eShop, Zen Cart, Loaded Commerce, Magento, X-Cart, Avactis, Quick.Cart, Invoice Ninja, SimpleInvoices etc. Their features and capabilities vary. Virtually all of them support PayPal. The specific guides for configuring the account into the shopping cart would vary par each system and is beyond the scope of this article. You would need to consult the support channels of whichever you choose to install for a more comprehensive guide for setup and management.

Where can I use it in Nigeria?

Web4Africa is a leading Web Hosting provider and accredited Domain Registrar. The company accepts PayPal for Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers and every other service it offers.

Millions of other global merchants are happy to accept payment via PayPal. These include:

  • airlines like Kenya Airways, Ethiopia Airways, SouthWest, South African Airlines;
  • music streaming services like Spotify;
  • video streaming services like Hulu, Roku;
  • online gaming platforms like Sony PlayStation Network, Steam;
  • global shopping platforms like eBay, Best Buy;

Limitations of PayPal Nigeria Accounts

PayPal is an American service. The very best experience with this payment system is available to residents of the USA. No other country enjoys the depth and richness of features offered in the US. It feels like Nigeria is on the other end of the spectrum. Thus, I would be sharing the features available in the USA that are not available to Nigeria, to illustrate the limitations experienced by users in Nigeria.

PayPal Debit Card

PayPal Debit Card

  • PayPal Credit: subject to credit approval, American users can make use of a digital credit line to make purchases online exceeding $99 and repay in installments.
  • Card issuance: PayPal issues Cashback Mastercard (2% cashback everywhere the card is accepted), Extras Mastercard (cardholders can earn points on every spend), Cash Mastercard (a debit/ATM card linked directly to the PayPal wallet), and PrePaid Mastercard (for funds transfer from the wallet to the card) to residents of the USA.
  • Near Instant Bank withdrawal: this new feature allows USA users to withdraw to their eligible debit card or bank account almost instantly, albeit for a premium fee. Regular withdrawals are free-of-charge and reflect the next working day.
  • Fees: US-based merchants enjoy some of the lowest transaction fees for accepting payment over this platform. Sales within the USA can be as low as 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
  • PayPal Here card reader: US-based merchants also have the luxury of a card reader that enables them to accept payments physically from major card schemes.


  • Is PayPal banned in Nigeria?
    Not any more. The service was not available to residents of Nigeria until 2015 but is now available to a large extent.
  • Can I use PayPal to receive money in Nigeria?
    Yes. Business Accounts can receive money in Nigeria.
  • How do I make my PayPal account valid in Nigeria?
    To verify your account, you need to:

    • confirm your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email
    • add your valid Visa or Mastercard and confirm the code in the transaction

106 Comments on “PayPal Nigeria: Opening & Operating a PayPal Account”

  1. Hello ,I have a naira visa debit card and I tried opening s PayPal account.i get a message of card not accepted.
    Please what should I do? Thanks

    1. Your card must be one that is specifically enabled for international transactions by your card issuer. There is a chance your Naira Visa Debit card isn’t. I suggest you talk to your bank.

  2. I do online jobs that pay via PayPal, but I can’t cash payments that I receive. Can I transfer money from my Nigerian paypal to my friend’s paypal account IN SPAIN. So that he can withdraw and wire to me?
    Is there another way of cashing money from my paypal account in Nigeria?

    1. Have you received funds in your PayPal account?
      To my knowledge, Nigerian PayPal accounts cannot receive funds. Only Nigerian Business PayPal accounts can.
      You might want to contact PayPal Support for help with this.

      1. hi, I have a PayPal account Registered in Malaysia in 2012.. am currently in Nigeria.. is it possible to link my GTBank MasterCard and enjoy same features?

    1. Please, Since the business PayPal charge a lot, I’m thinking of opening a PayPal personal account and link it to my online business. Is it allowed to send the money to someone in US in order for the person to send it back to me through western union or domiciliary account here in Nigeria? Please attend to this. Thank you

  3. Please I’m unable to receive funds in my business PayPal account can it be because it’s not yet linked with a debit card

  4. Please I’m unable to receive funds in my business PayPal account can it be because it’s not yet linked with a debit card please help out its urgent

    1. Ideally, your PayPal account needs to be fully verified, for you to be able to withdraw funds. This would include adding and confirming a credit or debit card to your account. I would suggest you consult PayPal directly, for assistance.

    1. Am working in an line business and there require my PayPal account for paymeny,can I transfer theoney paid on my PayPal account to my bank account

      1. Mr. Samuel, can u link me up with online jobs’ sites? Really trying tofill my free periods with lucrative online jobs. Thanks. Aniekan

  5. Hi Web4Africa,

    I don’t think Nigerian business Paypal Account still receive fund. It was meant to in the past, but it’s like they ‘ve disabled the features.

    If you loging to any Nigerian business Paypal account now, you won’t even see any such tool to receive fund either directly or from your website.

  6. Please I a m having problems opening my paypal account.what do I do?
    I tried to change my password but they said that they could not confirm I am the one.
    I tried to sign up afresh with another email but creating the account,only the USA states were available for selection.
    Help me please.

  7. Please what url did you use because me am not seeing the business account option when i tried registering. Thanks

  8. Pls I want to open a PayPal account can I change the fund I receive to naira and is it only business account that can receive funds. Thanks

      1. Am working in an on line business and there required my PayPal account for payment,after creating the business PayPal account can I transfer the money paid in it to my bank account.

  9. I bought a product ,but it never got to me, the seller is asking for my PayPal account, which I just opened one now. I hope I can be able to receive the money once I verify my card?

  10. Hello, Thanks for this information but I am having problem even accessing Paypal website and this is the information I receive each time I tried to access it:

    Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
    Reference #18.c3cd717.1560194294.76144b3

    Is there any way around it?

    1. Down load an active VPN like skyvpn from play store and Access PayPal, only so u would be allowed accessed

  11. Thanks really for this post.
    I have read similar though but this is really unique i learnt something new.

  12. Thank you for this rich content.
    I would like to ask if I can use the money received from a PayPal business account to make purchase online.

    Thank you

  13. Pls can I get my PayPal account linked to someone else’s credit card,since I don’t have any credit card.

    1. You don’t need a credit card. Any Mastercard or Visa Debit Card that is enabled for internet use is good enough.

      PayPal’s terms and conditions forbid you from using a card that does not belong to you.

  14. Can I withdraw my money in personal PayPal account in Nigeria bank?
    Can I use the money from my PayPal account to purchase goods online?

  15. I worked for a survey company in U.S. and they only pay U.S paypals.. can i create a business account and also use it to recieve this money??

  16. Web4africa thanks for the many helpful informations here, but you know you can actually use a USA paypal account while in nigeria and this would save you alot of headache time and money, for example you can buy a USA or EU paypal from bitify user here (***removed***) and you would only need to use a VPN to access the account normally.

    1. We cannot endorse any activity that is against PayPal’s terms of service. Buying an existing account is one of them.

      Running an American PayPal account from Nigeria 🇳🇬 would offer more headaches – especially where the account is not in your name. The chances of the account being frozen eventually are very high. The money in the frozen account will be lost or nearly impossible to withdraw after they seize it for 6 months!

      VPN: they will eventually know you are using one. That’s a big red flag.
      More so, some merchants will actually block you from their website or block your payments when they detect a VPN. They might demand proof of your identification.

      Your suggestion, as well-intended as it may be, is not worth the trouble.

  17. Pls I want to know if I can send money to someone one who also has PayPal account,and secondly can I send from my bank account linked to PayPal and pay in other currency for example I want to send like $20 or £40 to other PayPal account is it possible.

  18. I currently have a verified business account. Can I have my money withdrawn into my debit card? How and where will I collect the physical money?

  19. Please I work for a transcription company that only uses PayPal, and I have a PayPal account with a Nigerian GTBank debit Mastercard. How do I get the money to my Nigerian account from PayPal please? Is there any alternative means apart from the business account suggested above?

  20. Hello, how do I create a paypal business account? I tried but no where to change country to Nigeria. Please help

  21. The paypal company isn’t helping we in Nigeria. How can you have a paypal account and you can’t deposit money or withdraw money from your paypal account. If your paypal account isn’t linked with your Bank account, how can you do transactions, how can you make purchases.
    I think the PayPal company should be sincere to us as they do in other countries.

  22. Please I can not open the website it keep giving me this message “You don’t have permission to access this website” what can I do?

    1. Nigerian Business PayPal accounts cannot receive direct payments made by sending money but merchants CAN receive payments through their website.
      The PayPal account would need to be configured into an online shopping website to work.

      1. 1. What if I have more than one website? Can I receive payments from more than one website?

        2. Can I receive payments from companies that I am affiliated to?

  23. Please, after opening the business PayPal account in Nigeria, how do i receive it in Nigeria? Is it allowed to be transferred into our local or domiciliary account?


  24. Thank you so much for this information but since I can’t receive money here in Nigeria via PayPal is there any other option please

  25. Hi, I opened and verified a US Paypal Account in 2016, I funded the Account with $100 in anticipation for a certain transactions. My partners in the said business did not respond as planned, so I did not do anything on the Account till date. Is that money still safe?

  26. Good day,:If a Paypal business account is opened, can the money in the account be transferred to my Nigerian local bank account?

  27. Why do online transactions keep demanding for paypal accounts whey they know it doesnt exist in Nigeria, are there no other platforms or way to receive money from online business apart from PayPal?

  28. I tried to open Nig. Business Account with PayPal but they bluntly denied. At first they demanded FOREIGN ACCOUNT TAX COMPLIANCE.
    At the end i was referred to Nig. Financial policy.

  29. Those it mean that when I have been paid through online it will go directly to my personal Bank account, and is it the same when I do shopping online?

  30. I was denied access when I opened PLs what could have been the problem?

  31. Hello ,I have a Nigerian debit master card, it’s UBA Bank and I tried opening s PayPal account.i get a message of card not accepted.
    Please what should I do? Thanks

  32. After linking my card to pay pal business account should i send my account number or the business account for transaction ?

  33. nice write up, but there is many update on how to use paypal in Nigeria now, i have a good article on it on my site, slooreviews.
    But you guys tried for this though.

  34. Good article and i really appreciate. Im an old custom of web4africa uptil date.
    Please which of the business account is acceptable by PayPal
    Naira debit or
    Dollar card?

    Secondly i have PayPal personal account can it be upgrade?

    Thirdly i have a PayPal business account active in south Africa bank with my email address but now I’m back to Nigeria for business can i change it to Nigeria to avoid user all already exist since I’m not transact in South Africa bank?

    Please advise

    Thank you

  35. I recently purchased something online,it wasn’t sent and the seller asked for my PayPal account number to send back the money. If I create a personal account will I be able to get the money? And can I use it again to purchase online?

  36. I had paypal but I have not used at all. And I have forgotten my password but when the paypal administrators wanted to help me,they asked some security questions from me which I have forgotten.
    I tried to open another paypal account but it did not open.
    What can I do?

  37. I tried to open a business account with PayPal but I discovered I made a mistake somewhere along the line. I have been trying to discontinue with the first attempt and start a new process without success. What can I do to cancel the first attempt and start all over to open a PayPal account?

  38. Hi web4africa, thanks for the elaborate write up. But am a lil lost. Am setting up an online store. And PayPal can be integrated quite alright to the web store. What I want to understand is. Does it mean if my customers buy from my store using their cards I wouldn’t be able to receive the money in my local acct.?

    Secondly, can I link my Dom acct to paypal? Is there any advantage doing so. Thanks.

  39. Hello i can help you open verified PayPal account that can send and receive money from anywhere. Also you can withdraw your PayPal fund directly to your bank account.

    1. Please my brother wanna send money to me through PayPal in USA, So can I use my Nigeria bank account to receive the money or what can I do???

  40. 1. Can a Nigerian Business PayPal account withdraw money to local account(UBA,GTB etc)?

    2. Can this business account hold funds or is it sent to the account linked to the PayPal account?

  41. How do I set up a business account with an Online store
    And can I then withdraw directly to my Bank account?

  42. I want to open a business account under my new online sales company name, I don’t have yet a credit card for the company. Can I provide a credit card of my own to register the paypal account or must be from my online sales company?

  43. Good day,my question are
    1)can I receive dollars in my paypal account which is link to my local bank.
    2)will I be able to withdraw it in my local currency or it is do need another option.

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