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Make Money from Web Hosting through Web4Africa Affiliate programme

It is possible to make money online from Nigeria legitimately. One of the means of making money online is signing up for an affiliate programme.

About Affiliate Marketing

Web4Africa Affiliate

An affiliate programme is where an affiliate refers business leads to a company offering products or services. The company then shares part of the revenue with the affiliate, where the referral had converted into Sales.

The advent of the internet has made affiliate marketing system very lucrative as the process of sales can be fast and dynamic. Thanks to modern means of electronic communication like websites, email, social media and the like, the process of marketing/advertising is faster, thus making affiliate marketing potentially more lucrative. There are virtually no barriers online.

Services offered by Web4Africa

Web4Africa offers a wide range of services, all related to websites – and for our affiliates, we offer a generous commission.

Web4Africa offers:

  • Domain Name Registration and Transfer of popular extensions like .com, .org and country domains like .ng and .za
  • Web Hosting: this is the regular hosting powered by cPanel control panel. It is the most popular type of hosting service.
  • Windows Hosting: this is a shared hosting service but on a Windows Server. It is offered with Plesk control panel and ideal for websites and web apps that require MSSQL and/or programming language.
  • WordPress Hosting: this is a specialized hosting service for hosting websites powered by the popular WordPress blog/CMS software.
  • Reseller Hosting: this is for hosting multiple shared hosting accounts. It is ideal for selling hosting solutions or web designers who have multiple websites to host.
  • Virtual Servers: this offers a slice of a dedicated server, with its own Operating System. Web4Africa offers 3 variants of Virtual Servers for varying use cases.
  • Dedicated Servers: this is the pinnacle of hosting and offers the ultimate control and flexibility with hosting.
    Web4Africa offers both Virtual and Dedicated Servers from datacentres across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.
  • SSL Certificates: we offer varying SSL certificates for every budget and use case – from basic SSL to EV SSLs.
An affiliate programme is where an affiliate refers business leads to a company offering products or services. Click To Tweet

How to become a Web4Africa Affiliate

Web4Africa would typically require a potential affiliate to buy a service and becoming a client. Buying any of our services opens the door to our affiliate programme. You can buy any service from our website

Every aspect of our Affiliate Programme can be managed in our Client Area. Our affiliate dashboard offers information about traffic statistics, sales conversions, as well as qualified withdrawals. The dashboard would make your work as an affiliate much easier.

How to earn as an Affiliate

Make Money as an Affiliate

The affiliate dashboard includes your affiliate URL. The URL is what needs to be widely promoted. When internet users follow your URL to sign-up and buy services from Web4Africa, you get a percentage of the amount they paid for the service.

There are multiple ways to promote your affiliate URL. This would include your:

  • Email signature: you can embed your Web4Africa URL in every email you send.
  • Website / Blog: this is a very effective way, should you own and run a website or blog. In addition to blog posts, you can include Web4Africa banners or URL strategically on the website/blog.
  • Paid adverts: using your affiliate URL in paid ads can also be very effective, where the ad is carefully targeted.

Only earnings that are over 90 days qualify for withdrawals. Withdrawals can be done to any of the payment methods supported by Web4Africa. This includes PayPal, Skrill, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer in Ghana Cedis, Nigerian Naira or South African Rands.


How do I register for an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs are typically easy to sign-up for through the website of the merchant offering it.

How can I start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria?

You simply need to sign-up for the program directly with the merchant and then promote their business use unique affiliate URL. You can promote the product or service either by social media, blogging or paid marketing.

Where can I post my affiliate links for free?

You can embed your affiliate link in your signature on a popular internet discussion forum where you post meaningfully. Spamming must be avoided by all means.

How do you qualify for the affiliate program?

Merchants often have different qualifying criteria. It’s a good idea to check the specifics before attempting to sign-up.

What is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners?

The best program is ones that you have the skills to market. It is a good idea to have a deep understanding of the goods or services being marketed.

Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?

No. An affiliate scheme that is not multi-level is completely legitimate and does not constitute a pyramid scheme.

How many Affiliate Programs can I join?

You can join as many as you can market effectively. There is usually no cap. It is a good idea to control the number of programs you join so you can market each to the best of your limit.

What is a typical affiliate commission?

This varies by the merchant. Anything between 5 and 15% is typical.

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  1. You have to rethink your policy of allowing only your customers as affiliates.

    There are big affiliate marketers that host their site elsewhere but would love to refer customers to your site, now, per your policy, they will look elsewhere.

    I am one of them.

    I must not be a user of a product to market it, that is not the goal of affiliate marketing.

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