Dedicated Server Hosting in Nigeria

Dedicated Server Hosting in Nigeria

Give your website and applications the power it deserves with the use of our dedicated server hosting services. Web4Africa offers the choice of a data centre in Nigeria or South Africa.

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Choice of Operating Systems

Windows Server OS

Dedicated Server Hosting in Nigeria

High-Performance Dedicated Server Hosting

From data centres in Lagos (Nigeria), Accra (Ghana) and Johannesburg (South Africa). You can make that choice of choosing the data centre location towards the end of your Dedicated Server Hosting order. Further details about our Dedicated Server Hosting in Nigeria would be announced very soon.



fast network
Fast Network

We peer on locally on the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria and can deliver your content over a very fast network, with minimal latency.

data center
Choice of Data Centre

We are present in 4 data centres across Africa. You can choose between Lagos, Accra, Nairobi and Johannesburg.

choice of os
Choice of OS

You can choose between Linux and Windows Operating Systems. We support CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Windows Server 2012.

    5 ways Dedicated Server Hosting can improve your online business

    What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

    Dedicated hosting is an internet hosting in which you can lease an entire web server without sharing.

    Your server hosting company will provide you the server administration rights as an add-on. Dedicated Hosting is also known as a managed hosting server or dedicated server.

    Though a dedicated server is a costly service, if you can afford a dedicated server hosting, it is the best option for a company or a business website to buy. You may find ROI and benefits more than your monthly invest on web dedicated hosting server. Here are top 5 benefits your online business can get if you are running your online business to the dedicated hosting server.

    1. Performance
    A business website is all about performance; imagine if you are top in Search Engine Results (called SERP) for the primary keywords you targeted and you get the thousands of organic traffic from search engines in a single day but your landing page loading time is more than 7 to 8 seconds, then there is a 90% of chance you will lose your users who could be your customers. You ask your website developers to fix the issues regarding the speed, the team of developers would fix this and still, you are not getting the customers you need. This issue is often happened because of server loading time; the dedicated hosting server uptime is almost 99.95%; so, your e-commerce website never down for maintenance or other issues. This can help you to convert your website visitor to customers.

    2. Security
    Security is the primary goal of any online business or website if your server is hacked frequently by hackers, and your business website cannot perform constantly, then it is a huge disadvantage that you may lose your current online customers, and you cannot get the new customers online, also, you can lose your sensitive data like passwords, bank details, payment gateway details, etc. So it is a better choice to give security pure attention. The dedicated server provides next-generation firewalls, web security, SSL Certificate, Spam filters, dedicated IP address, etc. to protect your domain from hackers and spammers.

    3. Flexibility
    A Dedicated server allows you to customize your server resources like for CPU, RAM, Disk Space, Software, etc. if you have a large website and selling the thousands of products, and you require more disk space, RAM, CPU, etc. for your domain, you can contact your server hosting company and ask them to allocate your server requirements.

    4. Availability
    If you have a massive file that you cannot manage offline, and that file requires time to update; for a simple server it may cause of break down for your website, but the dedicated server uptime is more than 99.95%, so if you are doing any modifications to your website, it is less than 0.05% risk to get interaction.

    5. Bandwidth
    When you get the traffic in thousands or more, you require bandwidth to allocate the users; also you need bandwidth for every resource you add to your business website. The dedicated server gives you an unlimited bandwidth allocation for your website.
    In conclusion, we learn that the dedicated hosting can deal with more traffic, your custom requirements, security, speed, and every aspect of your online business requirements.


    What type of hardware do you use?

    We typically use Cisco for our network equipment and Dell for our enterprise-grade servers.