.gov.ng is the official .ng domain extension for the various tiers of Government in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The "gov" in .gov.ng means "Government" thus making the .gov.ng restricted to Nigerian government entities only.

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.gov.ng domain

About .gov.ng domain

How to get .gov.ng domains

The availability of .gov.ng registration is strictly regulated and is open to the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary in following levels only:

  • The Federal Government of Nigeria, Federal Ministries and other departments;
  • Any of the 36 State Governments in Nigeria, their State Ministries or State Government institutions;
  • Any of the 774 Local Governments in the Nigerian Federation;
  • All .gov.ng domain applications need to be vetted and expressly approved by a Federal Government agency in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.


Registrations on the .gov.ng SLD would be both on the 3LD and the 4LD. Registration at the 3LD is ONLY permitted for the following:

  • The Federal government;
  • The State Governments;
  • Federal Ministries, Departments, Parastatals and Institutions.
    For example justice.gov.ng, npc.gov.ng, ogunstate.gov.ng, nigeria.gov.ng, etc.

For registrations on the 4LD this is available for the following:

  • State Ministries, Departments, Parastatals and Institutions
  • Local Governments
    For example, justice.lg.gov.ng would be for the Lagos State Ministry of Justice. Also, surulere.lg.gov.ng and surulere.oy.gov.ng would relate to Surulere Local Government in Lagos and Oyo states respectively. The 3LD to be used by the 4LD would be the State names as derived from the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Popular .gov.ng domains include:

  • frsc.gov.ng - Federal Road Safety Commission
  • fedfire.gov.ng - Federal Fire Service
  • cac.gov.ng - Corporate Affairs Commission
  • npower.gov.ng - N-Power; a Federal Government Youth Empowerment programme
  • immigration.gov.ng - Nigeria Immigration Service
  • ippis.gov.ng - Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information
  • nimc.gov.ng - National Identity Management Commission
  • firs.gov.ng - Federal Inland Revenue Service
  • jamb.gov.ng - Joint Admission & Matriculation Board
  • cbn.gov.ng - Central Bank of Nigeria

.gov.ng Requirements

Minimum length


Maximum length


Special Characters

IDNs are not available for .gov.ng


1 to 5 Years

Local Presence


Other Ts & Cs

ALL .gov.ng domains are manually vetted by the .ng registry and Federal Government of Nigeria

Domain Life Cycle

.gov.ng domains will be purged in about 102 days after expiry.

.gov.ng WHOIS

.gov.ng WHOIS

You can lookup the public records of any .gov.ng domain name by making use of our .gov.ng WHOIS Lookup Tool.
Accredited .gov.ng Registrar

Accredited .gov.ng Registrar

Web4Africa is an ICANN and NiRA Accredited Domain Name Registrar offering .ng domains.

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