Cloud Hosting in Nigeria

Web4Africa is a Cloud Service provider offering Cloud Computing and other Cloud Hosting solutions in Nigeria.

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Web4Africa is a pan-Africa Hosting company that was established in 2002. With an extensive experience and pedigree, the company has invested extensively in hosting infrastructure in Nigeria, in addition to some other African countries.

Web4Africa has enterprise-grade infrastructure in Nigeria and world-class cloud hosting software in addition to a very competent team, to offer and support a resilient cloud computing platform in Nigeria. Web4Africa offers Cloud Hosting under the following broad categories.

Cloud Server
A single Cloud Instance (VM)
This solution is ideal where only a single cloud instance (virtual machine) is required. This comes with a wide range of packages with ready-made CPU, RAM, Disk Storage or Network speed options.
Virtual Datacentre
A Pool of Cloud Resources
The pool includes CPU, RAM, Disk, Network Speed, Public/Private IPs that a client can purchase and then create, destroy, upgrade, or downgrade a number of cloud instances with the resource limit.
Private Cloud
Cloud deployment on exclusive hardware

We can setup a complete cloud installation including hardware and software that meet the specific expectation of a customer for the exclusive use of the Cloud Hosting client.

  • Availability

    We have access to 100% power uptime and have built redundancy into every aspect of your cloud, to guarantee a very high availability.

  • Performance

    We can guarantee a high performance with very fast response times on our network. We peer locally in Nigeria and can reach most ISPs directly.

  • Security / privacy of the data

    All stored data is encrypted using very high encryption standards that meet very stringent industry requirements.

  • Disaster Recovery expectations

    We can offer remote backup in other to cover worse case recovery commitment, where this is a requirement.

  • Location of the data

    In consistence with local legislation, we host all data locally in Nigeria.

  • Choice of OS

    We offer a wide range of Linux Operating Systems that can be deployed quickly. These include: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS etc.

Some Cloud Hosted Applications

LAMP Stack
Web Stack (MySQL)

Blog Publishing Platform

Network Management and Monitoring

File Server
Simple Network Attached Storage

Open Source VPN solution

Domain Controller
free Active Directory server

Share files, music, calendar

Integrated SCM & Project Management

Open Source Directory Services

Ticket Request System

TurnKey LXC LinuX Containers
1 host, multiple TurnKey apps

From ERP to CRM, eCommerce to CMS

Self Hosted Git Management

Joomla 3
Mobile-ready user-friendly content management

Simple Network Attached Media Storage

Nginx PHP FastCGI Server Configuration
with Adminer

Cloud Hosting in Nigeria FAQs

Is your Cloud Hosting platform actually in Nigeria?
YES! We have invested extensively in hosting infrastructure in Nigeria and are thus able to offer a wide range of cloud hosting solutions physically from within Nigeria.
What is the difference between a Cloud Server and a Dedicated Server?
A Cloud Server is essentially a virtual server that comes with advanced technologies including auto-scalability, high-availability, per-hour and utility billing, among other features. A dedicated server on the other hand is a bare-metal physical server. Each have advantages and are more suitable for specific applications than the other.