Why You Should Choose Web4Africa


Target Nigeria

If Nigeria is your target market, then we strongly suggest that you register a .ng domain name. If you do not intend to design a customized website for residents of Nigeria, you can re-direct traffic to your (more popular?) .com/.net/.org or any other international top-level domain (TLD). Doing business with a .ng domain shows you are serious about your Nigerian audience/customers.

Avoid cyber-squatting

You probably already own a very valuable brand, that is widely recognized in Nigeria? You already have the .com form of your domain name? You should consider registering a .com.ng as well. If you are not ready to create a website for Nigeria, you can re-direct traffic to from your .com.ng to your .com domain name.

Rank well on Google Nigeria

Why are we mentioning Google? Google is by far the leading search engine on the WWW (Internet) today. It is also the only major search engine that has a version for Nigeria. Google Nigeria offers it’s users an option of searching Nigerian websites only. Apart from GeoIP location, Google’s other means of determining Nigerian websites is the .ng TLD. In a nutshell, Google will correctly determine your website as a Nigerian website, if you are using a .ng domain even if your website is hosted outside Nigeria, and does not use a Nigerian IP address.

Help develop Nigeria’s ICT infrastructure

Are you a Nigerian citizen/company/organization? You should be proud to show your Nigerian identity online too. Other countries’ domains like Germany (.de), United Kingdom (.co.uk), France (.fr), South Africa (.co.za) amongst many others, are very popular, because the website owners in the respective countries prefer their country’s domain suffix, to .com/.net/.org, amongst other reasons.

You too can help develop Nigeria’s Information / Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, by registering .ng domains. This is just a first step towards development. With .ng being popular, we can then agitate for Nigerian websites to be hosted in Nigeria. We can then develop more Internet exchanges, and keep Nigerian Internet traffic local. Other countries have done it, we can do it, and do it better.

Other TLDs are taken

This should be the last reason why you would consider a .ng domain. Your business name is Web4Africa for example? web4africa.com is taken? Why bother about web4africa-something-somewhere.com? Why not simply register web4africa.com.ng? This way, you maintain a short and easy to remember domain name, while still targetting a Nigerian audience, ranking well on Google Nigeria, and helping developing Nigeria’s ICT infrastructure.