How to set up an e-Commerce website & accept payment online in Nigeria

How to setup an e-commerce website & accept payment online in Nigeria

For an e-commerce business to thrive, a means to accept payment over the internet would be very necessary. In most cases, this would be through a website or app. For the purpose of this write-up, we would be sharing how to accept payment online in Nigeria through a website. In addition to developing an e-commerce system from scratch, there are … Read More

How to Create an Email Account from Nigeria

How to Create an Email Account from Nigeria

You cannot avoid communicating using email if you want to hit the heights of success in 2019. Email has become the default means of communications for business, academics, travel, governance and other primary activities in Nigeria. Benefits / Advantages of Email Email is one of the primary means of communications in the modern world. It is fast: delivery is virtually … Read More

How to Start / Create a Blog in Nigeria

How to Create or Start a Blog in Nigeria

Perhaps you have heard of successful blog owners making millions of Naira and you want a piece of the proverbial pie? Or you want to boost the Search Engine ranking of your business website and need a good start? This article would be sharing information about the technical aspects of starting a blog in Nigeria. Why Should I Start a … Read More